Sunday Celebration

Our Sunday Celebration is a weekly event where we come together as a church family to celebrate Jesus Christ and everything that He is and does in our lives. We meet at 10:45 am for refreshments and 11:00 for Sunday Celebration. Children and younger youth have their activities at 12 during the celebration.

We come as we are and spend time loving God and everyone who comes. We fellowship, worship together and share the life-transforming Word of God. There is an opportunity for help and prayer. We believe that God is good, He sees you and your need and is concerned to meet it.


We meet in communities for all ages. We have several communities who meet weekly at various times and in different places. We have small groups in each community. Please contact us for details.

The Track

We meet in our centre on Tuesdays and Thursdays for our FCC Track which will run during October and November and comprises of the following:

Transformation Track

On Tuesdays, we meet at 7:15 pm for tea/coffee and then the Transformation Track for new people & new Christians starts at 7:15 pm.
On Thursdays, we meet at 6:00 pm and 7:15 pm for our Transformation Track for young people.

No Limits Track

We meet at monthly 8:00 pm for for our No Limits Track for leadership and ministry.