Music.Revolution is a group of Christian artists who collectively have a vision of engaging young people through rap, rock, hip-hop and dance in a creative and relevant way.

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Ignite is a monthly youth service for young people from Cumbernauld, Kilsyth and the surrounding area.

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Revol8 is a youth-specific vision of engaging and mentoring young people through the best possible environments.

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We believe in the potential of every person.  We aim to reach out to, help meet the needs and empower each young person in every way we can.  In order to do this we work as creatively as possible to provide the best environments to see this happen; from big events to smaller weekly groups; from community and school facilities to our own building and homes.

We currently have a High School age specific focus called ‘Revol8’, we are involved in a monthly youth service called ‘Ignite’ and have a music and creative arts team called ‘Music Revolution’ – all of which have pages you can access from the images above.